He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Friday, December 30, 2011

A new year begins.....

The decorations are put away.  The house seems lighter and brighter.  Could be that the sun finally came out for a few hours this afternoon.

The fog I have been in seems to be lifting a bit.  It has  just over three weeks since Mama passed away.
The days have been so busy with cooking, shopping, cleaning, Christmas gatherings, and doing things at my parents house.  Yesterday I spent the day lounging around, and it helped me refocus.

As I put away my treasured Nativity scene, I thought about the shepherds in the field, the Wise Men from afar, and Mary-the blessed Mother of Christ.  She had none of the conveniences we have as modern mothers, yet she birthed our Savior.  I wonder how she cleaned the Christ babe, kept him dry and warm, in that dirty, smelly and dusty place.   Do you think she and her mother packed a few soft cloths for swaddling clothes and maybe a sheep fleece for a blanket?

Maybe we will have a chance to ask those questions someday.  But, maybe it will not be something we will care to know once we see Christ face to face.

I am grateful that He came to this sinful earth and saved us.  How hard it must have been to leave the heavenly realm.  Thank you Jesus for such a selfless act.

The world is moving on to a new year.  May your days begin with some time in thankfulness to Him, who came to us.  Let's start the new year off with continued praise and adoration to our King.  Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace, Goodwill, toward men.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Her journey here is over...

  Dear Friends,
    I have been absent here in blog world for a while.  My focus and efforts have not been here, but with my mother who passed away last Friday.
    Mama slipped out of this earthly world into the heavenly realm surrounded by her family.  There was such mixed emotions as we knew she was beholding the face of her Savior, but we were losing her here in our tangible existence.  

   I have had so much comfort in knowing that she followed her Lord and is walking the streets of gold, and breathing easily and likely feasting on heavenly food.  I know I will certainly see her again when my journey here is over.

   I plan to write about her at a later time.  For those of you who have been here to support and offer comfort to our family, we are so grateful.  Keep us in your prayers as we adjust to this life without her presence.  She will be so missed!
Mama and Daddy meeting Paisley, 3/2010

Friday, October 28, 2011

October Past.....

While browsing through pics this morning, I found a few from last year's fall collection that Robin made.

Pae in a pumpkin

Addison, Millie, Ansley and Paisley, Oct. 2010

Little Nesters.........

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Prayers

Last year about this time, seven high school friends (some all the way back to grammar school) gathered together from all over the U.S. for a mini reunion.  It was an extraordinary event that none of us will ever forget.  It renewed friendships, bonded a sisterhood, and started a prayer group.  Those"Girls in Grandmother Faces" are also the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Prayers".  (Thank you, JM for that most appropriate title!).

Bobkittens, 2011
This year our destination was Denver, CO.  The mile high city.  Whoa, we could tell upon arrival that the air was thin!  We descended on the Denver airport sporting our Bobkitten t-shirts that our host's husband surprised us with last year.  The girlie squeals were heard as we met in the HUGE terminal.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!

Bobkittens, 2010    'THE WAY WE ARE'
A lot has happened over the past year with family members and children.  We had much catching up to do!  Many sweet moments and memories were made.   We talked, laughed, cried, reminisced and prayed.  Our conversations were serious, silly, hilarious, genuine and certainly heartfelt.  Once again, the voices haven't changed, the hearts feel somewhat young, but the bodies look different and are not as forgiving as in younger days.

Lu, our host, presented us with matching t-shirts featuring our high school senior portraits.

Friendship does not look upon wrinkles, gray hair (or dyed to cover gray) rolls and sagging skin.  We can laugh just as hard, cry just as long, and pray even more intensely with more years of experience behind us as we ever have.  

Our host turned into a five star chef for the weekend, and treated us to some recipes I just might share, with her consent!  (My recipe list on this blog never got off the ground, did it?)  We ate GOOD, at her house and at a few restaurants.

             chicken fruit salad for lunch

 Blueberry French Toast Casserole for breakfast- 
Can I say, "eye-watering FABULOUS?"

       Below, a hot turkey sandwich with yummy white sauce and melted cheese and almonds.......Drool, people.  I did.  This was at Adam's Cafe in Manitou Springs, Colorado, before the famous Cog Rail Ride up to Pikes Peak.  

Below is G's salad.  I could just go face down and feast feast feast....

          Bobkitten gifts.

 It was so fun to carry on the black/red damask theme from last year's gathering.  We would SO make our Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Mary Katherine Hammer, proud!  (From the food, to the decorating, and on to the beautiful table accents, it was tastefully and artfully done!)

 We visited many sites in the Denver, Colorado Springs area:  Glen Eryie Conference Center, Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rock Amphitheatre and Pikes Peak.  Colorado is a beautiful state.  So clean, everything human built looks new; God built, looks ancient.   
How majestic is your earth, Oh, God!

Taken from the summit of Pike's Peak

Witnessing the Rocky Mountains up close and personal, the colors, the depth, the height and the broadness, gives you a feeling of humbleness.  There's nothing cozy about the Rockies.  They command a respect and presence of the Most High God.  

This gathering was much like last years, but also very different, being in a city most of us had not visited.  It brought excitement and wonder to the Girls in Grandmother Faces.  As our weekend progressed we shared and prayed about events of the past year, and some of long years ago, and vowed that our prayers would be consistent for each other~thus, we are also the Sisterhood of Traveling Prayers.  It doesn't get much better than that.  I know I have six 'sisters' I can call or email that reach back to the past-some all the way back to grammar school-that know my story, have heard my triumphs and heartaches, and rejoice and weep with me over the pains life throws at us. 

Bobkittens, Sisters, Girls in Grandmother faces, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  You have uplifted me, made me smile, caused me to laugh, and brought me to tears.  May we always stay close and in touch!
Until next years reunion, remember the verse Lu gave us as a reminder and comfort of our Heavenly Father:

Isaiah 43:2-3
"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you: and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of  Israel, your Savior."

Pictures from Ginny, Janet, and myself!  Thanks, girls!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I got an email the other day reminding us to fly our American flags this week and weekend in remembrance of 9/11.  I can hardly believe it has been almost ten years since that horrible day.  We all agreed that life would not be the same ever again.  It hasn't.

May God bless our nation.  May He reign down grace upon us.  I pray He will grant us mercy for how we have turned out backs on Him.

Please remember those who lost their lives that day.  Lift up those who were left without loved ones.

This pic was sent to me in an forwarded email a few years ago.  I do not know the source.  It is a beautiful reminder of God's love for America.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Happenings

My blogging has taken a back seat to other happenings around here...

I have to say, it is not at the top of priorities.  Plus, after the camera got eat up with milk from little Pae's bottle at the beach, I haven't taken any pics.  But,,,,,,,,,,  GUESS WHAT???  Poppie (Mr. G) bought me a new and improved version! Now, if I just had the time to get it out of the box!

I promise (well, I will TRY) to get it out this weekend and see if I can take some awesome pics for ya.

Life is busy.  I do get surprised at how busy it can get.  But, I am thankful that I have some busy, and that I am able to do the busy things.

Very soon the 'Bobkittens' will have our first annual reunion!!!!  Can't wait.  You will hear all about it........

On to other news:  Have you read "The Help" yet?  You must.  Run, don't walk, people, to the nearest bookstore or yank your BF's book from her little hands and READ READ READ.  I totally could not put it down.  (I had to, though, to get some sleep!)  I read it in three days flat, mostly between the hours of 8 p.m. and 2 p.m.    Ugh.  But, it was worth it.

I have to say that it reflects a dark time in our nation's history--but thankfully we have moved on past that era, for the most part.  It's a great read, a touching and tender story of love that transcends through race.   Get your tissues out, girlies, and be ready to mess up your mascara.


Have any of you fellow bloggies read "Faux Fuchsia" ?  You MUST.  She is Australian with a wonderful sense of STYLE and HUMOR.  I happened upon her blog about a year ago, and when I need a laugh or just a little of fun I read her blog.   I have asked permission to use her hilariously funny phrases, but I must tell you I borrowed them from her!  Examples:  'actioning' as in,   "this morning I actioned up some biscuits for breakfast"  or "look away Dr. Atkins"   or   "Run, don't walk people".  She, her very clever self, coined the "actioning" phrase.  I JUST LOVE IT.  (FF would say "I just LUFF it!)  ;)

FF very entertaining blog:  http://fauxfuchsiastyle.blogspot.com/

Can you tell I am a word freak?  I am currently working on some very creative phrases of my own....

Have an awesome Labor Day!  All of you travelers, be safe!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Millie Day

 Yesterday turned out to be a Millie Day.  Mr. Gene (aka Poppie) and I were headed out to see his mother (at her retirement apartment) and I get a call learning that Miss Millie herself wants to ride along!

   It is no quick trip, mind you, out and over the big city to the far side and then some to see this great-grandmother of Millie's.  So, after trading kiddos, as we had Paisley for the morning, we headed out with crayons, coloring books, a Barbie, and stuffed cow, and a five year old who has a smile that will melt your heart.

  "I'm so glad I am going with you, Nonnie," she says from her car seat in the back.  "It's fun to go places," she adds as she is studying the next page she will color.

   We listened to songs and conversation with her cow.  Before long, I looked back, and Millie was sound to sleep while her head bobbing from side to side.  Wish I had a camera.

   We swung by Arby's for a roast beef sandwich just as we were getting close to Gigi's.  Millie wanted a milkshake.  So, a milkshake she got.  She slurped every last drop of it!  She danced all the way to the elevator.

  "Why don't we take the stairs?" she asked as we strolled by them.
  "Well, my knees like the elevator better." I said to her as she pulled me along.
  "Push that button so we can go up!"  Poppie said.
  "Weee! I like to ride in elevators."  Millie said as she twirled in circles.

   We had not informed Gigi that Millie would be coming along for the visit.  So when we approached her door, we told her to say "Surprise!" when Gigi opened the door.

  "Surprise, Gigi!!"  Millie said, suddenly becoming shy as she walked into Gigi's apartment.

  It didn't take long until she warmed up to Gigi and was sitting in her lap showing her pictures on the Macbook.  Then she played, twirled, danced and bounced on the bed.  My, little ones can exert some energy!

                    Sure do love our Millie girl!  Sweet just oozes  from her!

Friday, July 15, 2011


    I am new to texting.  Lest you gasp, I can do techie things, but I just fought the wave of texting over TALKING.  Call me old fashioned, ancient, stick in the mud, I was proud to have stood up to the newest craze.

  But, a couple of months ago, it was time for new cell phones.  Oh, to have to learn a NEW cell phone.  My old palm was a good phone, and in its time, rather cool.  But, it was no longer the techie or  the posh thing to have. We needed to move on to a new thing and get our cell phones on the same bill.  So, since  I am so crazy about my macbook, there was no other one to choose but the iphone.  I SO wanted a white one, but had to settle for the black.  My daughters were thrilled to have me on board, and able to text them.

   "Now we won't have to call, we can text".

   Huh?  That was suppose to make me happy?   I wanted to hear their voice, not read a non verbal list of abbreviations.

   Robin pointed out, "When I need to tell you something, I can just text."  Oh, okay, but what if I don't have my phone right next to me???

   I am not a cell phone-a-holic.  I keep my cell phone in my purse, and when I am out, I use it.  I am old school.  I am living in the nineties (well, maybe the turn of the century-meaning 2000).  I do have friends my age who carry their trusty little communication device in their pocket, or attached to their hip.  Not me.  One daughter, well, maybe both  is constantly SEARCHING for their cell phone.  Maybe I need to get them those cell phone cases that attach to their clothes.  Holly, my daughter with a degree in fashion design, would most likely burn it.

   Anyway,  I do not keep my cell phone handy.  When wearing my stretchy clothes, I usually have no pockets, so therefore, no place to keep it.  But, on with my rant.  Mr. G. and I fell with the masses and got each of us the famous iphone.

   I must say it is fun.  When at home and I can link without using my meager data usage, I can browse the internet on this teeny tiny screen.  Yep, lots of fun.  As long as I have my super-dooper magnifiers on! Why not just pull out the macbook and have a REAL COMPUTER screen???

   So, down with the web browsing.  I can also check the weather on this mini version of a computer called the iphone.  That is nice.  But if I am at home, I can look on wunderground on my macbook.  OR turn on the tv.  So, again, down with the weather app.

   Another wonderful feature of the iphone is the ability to check email.  Yeah, I can just check it while I am at the grocery.  Wouldn't want to miss that junk mail from that millionaire who is leaving me millions in a bank account in North Korea.  Any email checking I do is at home, on the macbook......

   I am not dogging my iphone, but here's my point.  It has much that I just won't use.  But maybe in time.

  I did learn to text.  After several weeks of trying, that is.  I sent several texts to the wrong people.  My texting info is not the most user friendly.  It always goes back to the last one you texted.  I have sent some rather weird texts to Mr. G. about baby stuff......

  The best of my doofus texts was to Mr. G to not forget to go to the dentist.  I texted: "dont covet" instead of "dont forget".   I got so tickled I mistakenly hit send.  I couldn't get calmed down to retext the right message.  Maybe God meant for that message to be sent!

  Perhaps in time I will come around to this new communication wonder.  By then, there will be something else totally new and brilliant.  Until then, I must learn new letters that represent words, and figure out how to hit the right letters and abbreviate my messages.  LOL

  I can think of a host of things that could stand for:

       lots of laughs
       like or love
       last one living
       loads of lard
       lovely on ladies
  Take your pick.  (TYP).

   By the way, I would have taken a picture of this new device (iphone) incase any one out there had never seen one, (yeah, right), but I put my camera in the same bag as Paisley's bottle while at the beach.
Humm......milk and cameras don't mix.  Everyone in the techie world knows that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

remote.....vacation destination

    Remote:  a thing you have to have these days to watch t.v.
                   a place FAR FAR away from anything that makes life fun, easy, and entertaining

   Recently,  Mr. G and I headed out to our favorite place for vacation for a few days of R & R.  While there, we took a side trip to a destination we had researched (a little) heard about (from several) and had very much wanted to visit and take the whole gang with us (kids and grandkids) to see some sea turtle eggs, and have fun on a beach without the crowds.

  It was rather adventurous with our maps, water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, flip flops and a tank full of gas.  Off we go.  and go.  and go.  and go some more.  This place was REALLY remote.  Much farther than it looked on the map.  Much more REMOTE than I had pictured.

  My brother-in-law kindly told me the previous day when he learned we were vacationing there with our family this summer, that it was very remote.  VERY REMOTE.  "I don't know if you will like it.  There's nothing there to do, " he said.

  "Well, sounds kinda nice to me!  No traffic, not red lights, no noise.  Just the sound of the ocean waves and the kids playing.  I can't wait!"  I replied.

  "Did you know that place is know for sharks?"  he very bluntly said.

  "Sharks? as in big teeth and 'du du du du, du du du du' " I said making the shark two note melody from "Jaws".

   "Yes, those kinds.  In fact, some really big ones.  Did you know the water was rough and it gets deep really quick there?"  he added.

  "No, no one mentioned that....."  I was slowly beginning to wilt.  Maybe this place wasn't so grand for a family of creature comfort folks.

  But, on we went, headed to see this beautiful beach, sea turtles, and lots of ocean life.  Now the meaning of 'ocean life' was coming into view.

   After one and a half hours of driving away from civilization, we came upon our vacation destination.  Not much there.  Two gas stations.  Bait shop.  Another bait shop.  A gas station, bait shop and convenient store all in one.  Not a restaurant in site.  No McD's no BK, not even a Whataburger! Not a hint of a Bonefish Grill, Olive Garden, or any wonderful seafood place.

   I didn't even see a hotel or motel......  Humm.....

   I DID see a sign, 'Bear crossing'  with a big bear, and a small bear on it.  Sharks, now bears.  Deep in the recesses of my mind, I recalled the talk of alligators in the swampy places of Florida, as well as those slithery, slinky things, I won't name.  Sharks, bears, alligators, and s.....

  As we approached this 'most beautiful beach in Florida' the narrowness of the island is very apparent. One side of the road was the bay, the other side, large large rocks, and on the other side of those rocks the ocean loomed  higher than the top of the car.  My stomach lurched.  I was almost to the point of hyperventilating.  But, I put my happy face on, and looked at the map.

   "We must be close, very close, watch those road signs."  I said, trying to sound brave.

   We drove a little farther, and found the house we had looked at online.  It was a bit worn looking--sand lot, with lots of sea grass, weeds, bugs, and other such things I tried hard not to think about.  Some of the railings were off of the three story deck.  Humm... with a one year old, that is a huge red flag.  I walked up the steps to search out the 'beautiful view of the bay and the ocean',  as stated on the info about the house.  I could catch a glimpse of the ocean and lots of the bay.  Not too bad.  But, I am still wondering what we will do with four kids, no pool, and no ice cream shop in site.  (Where's Walmart, for Pete's sake?)

   We walked down to the beach, which was absolutely beautiful.  Quiet.  No one around.  It would be a wonderful beach to lay on, watch the kiddies, and read a book~if I wasn't panicking over worrying that the kids would be swept away on the current to Cuba.  Or eaten by a shark.  Or chased by a big sea turtle.  Or bitten by a s..... Or, or, or, hunted by an alligator.

   We hopped back in the car and headed back to civilization-that long, long, long road with nothing on it.  Mr. G. and I talked, discussed, bantered, argued a little, sighed a lot, and finally decided we would rather vacation where there were lots of places to eat, more than enough places to entertain four little ones, and where we saw NO SIGNS of bears, alligators, or other creepy wildlife, or sharks swimming near the shore.  We needed the assurance that those red, yellow or green warning flags would go up each day to warn us of any thing we needed to know about the things going on in the ocean.

lots of fun and things to do!

cousin fun

   I must add, that when I returned home,  I was flipping channels on t.v.  I happened upon a show on one of the nature channels about wild boars in FL that were eating the sea turtle eggs.  The locals were hunting them down to save the turtles.

   WILD BOARS.  I never saw that sign.  They were probably hiding behind the bears.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royals and other royals

  Well, the wedding is in the morning.  By the time I post this, it will be over.  Sigh.  All that planning, all that work.  It's over in a few hours.

  The word 'royal' brings to mind several different things:

   When I was a teenager and very much into soap operas, Port Royal was a town on one of my favorite shows.  I found out years later, Port Royal really was really a town, several towns, in fact.

   A very close friend  of ours sports the name 'Royal'.  When the girls were younger, and this couple would come over for dinner, the girls called it a royal dinner.  Royal made the best angel biscuits you could slide down your southern throat, and thus we named them 'royal' biscuits.

   There is a community and road named Port Royal near here, but I am sorry to say, I don't have a clue as to where it ends: Port Royal or Buckingham Drive.  Westminster Lane, maybe? 


    I did not get up at three for the Royal Wedding, but I did make it up by five-thirty, just in time for the bride to walk down the isle.  Or was it the vows?  I am not sure why I thought we had to jump out of a comfy bed this morning, when the visions I wanted to see were replayed all morning.  So, I cooked up some royal  bacon and scrambled some  princess eggs for Mr. G and myself.  

    I must tell you, the gown was lovely, the veil was posh, and Kate, the princess herself, looked smashing!  I had a jolly old good time watching the events as I cleaned house this morning.  I was rather weary of all the waffle by the media, but all in all it was ace.

   I have NO clue if any of what was said above was in the right context of English slang talk!  Just trying out a few words thrown around over the past few weeks...

   Well, cherrio, my dear bloggies!



  Photo credits: AP Photo/Martin Meissner; Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images; Chris Furlong/Getty Images