He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bible Blocks

  Huh?    Yes, I said, Bible Blocks.

I found the coolest toy blocks via Sixty-Six Clouds *way cool site  Sixty-Six Clouds
    Anywho, these BIBLE BLOCKS are really toys, really blocks, but with the books of the Bible on them, and numbered in order, color coded, etc.  You just have to take a looksie for yourself:

                                                              Books of the Bible Block Set

I could use them for moi.  I learned the books of the Bible in Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School as a child (centuries ago), but somewhere after Amos in the Old Testament I can get kind of lost.  Then somewhere around Colossians, my post middle age brain can turn to oatmeal or James steps out for a cup of coffee with the Peter and John and I can't find them.  So, a good game of name the Books of the Bible could be a real memory lesson for me AND help teach the grandkids the order of the Great Books.

Take a look, and quick, this ball needs to get rollin'!

AND here's a look at the posters/screen prints from Sixty-Six Clouds.  I have to have one.  Deciding on which one is the problem.

Song of Songs (Pomegranate)
This is from Sixty-six Clouds.  You can order this poster/screen print.  LOVE IT!

It's Saturday morning, I have to get some much needed chores done....Have a good one!
my lilacs are in full bloom....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pearls wrapped with tears of grace

The Pearls and Grace: Double Strand Event was everything wonderful and more.  It was a gathering of women (let's say girls) who came to hear the stories of some of their favorite bloggers.  It was not for the faint of heart.  Their stories were hard.  Tragic.  But God saw them through to the other side.

  We piled in the car Friday--my girls were ready when I drove up to pick them up! I was amazed...

  I am still not believing who I saw in the lobby of that great big huge resort. The other Nonny (of 'Love Being a Nonny" blog).   I did not squeal.  I did not run.  Honest.  (I surely did not want to embarrass my darling daughters).  It was just delightful to meet her face to face!  We planned to talk more at the Meet and Greet.

Nonnie and Nonny

  Holly, Robin and I spend some time walking around seeing all there is to see in the Cascades Conservatory, and the Delta.  We had a great dinner, and then off to the Meet and Greet to hug some necks of some ladies I follow in blogland.  (Just to let you know, I am wanting to squeal, but do not know how to type a squeal.)

Let me tell you, meeting these women was BIG for me.  Not because they are superstars, or famous (but they are among their followers) but because they so unashamedly share their faith amidst trials with all who will read their blogs.  They are honest and transparent.  They are talented and real.  I admire and love them and did before I ever met them.   That is why this was a BIG deal for me to meet them, hug them, tell them how much I enjoy their blogs, and that I admire their courage to open up their lives so others can see Christ in them.   

Okay, I have already talked-typed way too much!  

The Meet and Greet was great fun.  I heard a few squeals.  (I refrained.  I did not want to embarrass you know who.)  Nonny and I had a great visit.  We have so much in common.  Who knew?
Our love for our families, Jesus, and making our homes a warm and inviting place
made us instant friends.  

                   Here's Edie (Life in Grace) talking to two of her fellow bloggers and followeres.

          I met Sibi, founder of Pearls and Grace, and told her how she is so loved and is truly a pearl!  Girls, she is the sweetest thing!


   Saturday, at the Pearls and Grace Event, we shed heartbreaking, laughing and joyful tears. Thank you, Jesus, that we could see and hear the happy side, too!  Every woman in that beautiful room was blessed to hear, meet and embrace these women of God.

   I encourage you to read the stories of these pearls who are willing to tell the good and the bad times.   Each woman shared tenderly of their trials and triumphs and how the Lord has blessed them, redeemed them and brought them to a place of revelation-Christ is our joy.  Amidst the sorrows of life, we can have true and clear joy. 

     Sibi~  beautiful woman of God.  What can I say?  I wanted to just weep, and tell her she is beautiful, and she is loved.  Here is part of her story:
    Paige~ her story will certainly bring tears-but you will love how it comes full circle.  I happened upon her blog a couple of years ago.  She has a heart for others, and supporting international crisis groups.  What a joy it was to meet her and tell her in person how much I love her and pray for her and her family! I did get just a few minutes with Paige on Friday night, but not enough time as I would have liked!  Here's her 'Simple Thoughts' blog address:

     Edie~ yes, she is the queen of blogland!  I do not know how this girl does all she does and still looks totally unruffled and not sleep deprived.  She is funny, talented, smart, and even home schools her darling little girls.  I was just hankering to hugh her neck, and I did!
     Edie, you make me smile!  She blogs about spiritual things and makes you think.  She blogged about building her beautiful new house, after her former beautiful home burned completely to the ground.   Here is her famous blog:  http://www.lifeingraceblog.com/

    Jane~ Meeting Jane Friday night was a treat for all three of us.  She so warmly greeted us and we were instant friends, and even realized we (especially Holly) had a close connections in friends.  She is  friends with the mom of Holly's best friend.  Jane has a story to tell.....moving, sad, and uplifting-absent of bitterness!  
    We both confessed our techie challenges and confusion over Pinterest photo usage  :)  She was just so FUN.   Here's her blog:  http://www.designwgrace.blogspot.com/

     Sarah~  I was fairly new to Sarah's blog, but had read her story via Sibi.  Her recent loss is still so tender, so moving.  During her tragic story, soft muffled sobs echoed off the walls of that beautiful room.  Certainly, every woman in there longed to hold her and comfort her.  She sweetly reminded us of her blessings, and her love for Jesus.  Such an inspiration!
    You can find her blog here:  www.mercyliving.blogspot.com

   Brittany Nelson-talented musician, mother of three.  She led us in worship and lifted her beautiful voice to praise our Savior.  Is there anything much sweeter than a group of two hundred women's raising their voices in worship? I just love it!  Brittany has a new CD out.  You can visit her  here:  www.melodiesofgrace.blogspot.com

  If you need a blessing, hook up to these women and their blogs.  You WON'T be disappointed!

He collects every tear in a bottle.  Psalm 56:8


Friday, March 9, 2012

Pearls and Grace

It's happening this weekend!  Can't wait........

  I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about it.  So I stayed on my Mac and read most of Sibi's posts, and reread Edie's and Paige's and now my eyes are all bloodshot...

  I'll be the one wearing sunglasses tonight.  :)

  I am really wanting to meet the "other Nonny".  http://www.lovebeinganonny.com/ (She and her hubby are Nonny and Poppy, and WE are Nonnie and Poppie.) She blogs-mostly about her precious grandchildren.  Sound familiar?  So, likely we will run into one another.  Maybe we won't squeal.  I would embarrass my darling daughters....

  Happy Pearls and Grace event weekend!