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Psalms 91:1

Monday, August 1, 2011

Millie Day

 Yesterday turned out to be a Millie Day.  Mr. Gene (aka Poppie) and I were headed out to see his mother (at her retirement apartment) and I get a call learning that Miss Millie herself wants to ride along!

   It is no quick trip, mind you, out and over the big city to the far side and then some to see this great-grandmother of Millie's.  So, after trading kiddos, as we had Paisley for the morning, we headed out with crayons, coloring books, a Barbie, and stuffed cow, and a five year old who has a smile that will melt your heart.

  "I'm so glad I am going with you, Nonnie," she says from her car seat in the back.  "It's fun to go places," she adds as she is studying the next page she will color.

   We listened to songs and conversation with her cow.  Before long, I looked back, and Millie was sound to sleep while her head bobbing from side to side.  Wish I had a camera.

   We swung by Arby's for a roast beef sandwich just as we were getting close to Gigi's.  Millie wanted a milkshake.  So, a milkshake she got.  She slurped every last drop of it!  She danced all the way to the elevator.

  "Why don't we take the stairs?" she asked as we strolled by them.
  "Well, my knees like the elevator better." I said to her as she pulled me along.
  "Push that button so we can go up!"  Poppie said.
  "Weee! I like to ride in elevators."  Millie said as she twirled in circles.

   We had not informed Gigi that Millie would be coming along for the visit.  So when we approached her door, we told her to say "Surprise!" when Gigi opened the door.

  "Surprise, Gigi!!"  Millie said, suddenly becoming shy as she walked into Gigi's apartment.

  It didn't take long until she warmed up to Gigi and was sitting in her lap showing her pictures on the Macbook.  Then she played, twirled, danced and bounced on the bed.  My, little ones can exert some energy!

                    Sure do love our Millie girl!  Sweet just oozes  from her!

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