He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Friday, July 15, 2011


    I am new to texting.  Lest you gasp, I can do techie things, but I just fought the wave of texting over TALKING.  Call me old fashioned, ancient, stick in the mud, I was proud to have stood up to the newest craze.

  But, a couple of months ago, it was time for new cell phones.  Oh, to have to learn a NEW cell phone.  My old palm was a good phone, and in its time, rather cool.  But, it was no longer the techie or  the posh thing to have. We needed to move on to a new thing and get our cell phones on the same bill.  So, since  I am so crazy about my macbook, there was no other one to choose but the iphone.  I SO wanted a white one, but had to settle for the black.  My daughters were thrilled to have me on board, and able to text them.

   "Now we won't have to call, we can text".

   Huh?  That was suppose to make me happy?   I wanted to hear their voice, not read a non verbal list of abbreviations.

   Robin pointed out, "When I need to tell you something, I can just text."  Oh, okay, but what if I don't have my phone right next to me???

   I am not a cell phone-a-holic.  I keep my cell phone in my purse, and when I am out, I use it.  I am old school.  I am living in the nineties (well, maybe the turn of the century-meaning 2000).  I do have friends my age who carry their trusty little communication device in their pocket, or attached to their hip.  Not me.  One daughter, well, maybe both  is constantly SEARCHING for their cell phone.  Maybe I need to get them those cell phone cases that attach to their clothes.  Holly, my daughter with a degree in fashion design, would most likely burn it.

   Anyway,  I do not keep my cell phone handy.  When wearing my stretchy clothes, I usually have no pockets, so therefore, no place to keep it.  But, on with my rant.  Mr. G. and I fell with the masses and got each of us the famous iphone.

   I must say it is fun.  When at home and I can link without using my meager data usage, I can browse the internet on this teeny tiny screen.  Yep, lots of fun.  As long as I have my super-dooper magnifiers on! Why not just pull out the macbook and have a REAL COMPUTER screen???

   So, down with the web browsing.  I can also check the weather on this mini version of a computer called the iphone.  That is nice.  But if I am at home, I can look on wunderground on my macbook.  OR turn on the tv.  So, again, down with the weather app.

   Another wonderful feature of the iphone is the ability to check email.  Yeah, I can just check it while I am at the grocery.  Wouldn't want to miss that junk mail from that millionaire who is leaving me millions in a bank account in North Korea.  Any email checking I do is at home, on the macbook......

   I am not dogging my iphone, but here's my point.  It has much that I just won't use.  But maybe in time.

  I did learn to text.  After several weeks of trying, that is.  I sent several texts to the wrong people.  My texting info is not the most user friendly.  It always goes back to the last one you texted.  I have sent some rather weird texts to Mr. G. about baby stuff......

  The best of my doofus texts was to Mr. G to not forget to go to the dentist.  I texted: "dont covet" instead of "dont forget".   I got so tickled I mistakenly hit send.  I couldn't get calmed down to retext the right message.  Maybe God meant for that message to be sent!

  Perhaps in time I will come around to this new communication wonder.  By then, there will be something else totally new and brilliant.  Until then, I must learn new letters that represent words, and figure out how to hit the right letters and abbreviate my messages.  LOL

  I can think of a host of things that could stand for:

       lots of laughs
       like or love
       last one living
       loads of lard
       lovely on ladies
  Take your pick.  (TYP).

   By the way, I would have taken a picture of this new device (iphone) incase any one out there had never seen one, (yeah, right), but I put my camera in the same bag as Paisley's bottle while at the beach.
Humm......milk and cameras don't mix.  Everyone in the techie world knows that.


  1. Funny!! I got a DROID last year. Took me a couple of months to learn....Still don't use all the features. I have been texting for a good while now....Otherwise, I wouldn't get to talk to any of them! Actually, sometimes it is nice to just shoot a quick question or say I love you! Us Nonnys have to keep up!!!

  2. Haha...welcome to the 21st century Nonny! Mom and I text and talk every single day. It's great for quick notes and things that need to be said in stolen moments. You will be a texting machine before you know it!

  3. hahhhaaaaa. love the do not covet part... hhahhhahhaaa
    and I would join Holly in the burning of the cell phone attachment! :)
    I know a GREAT thing about your new techy phone- u get multiple mini videos of your sweeties each week doing something too cute!


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