He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Beach Vacation

I'm dreaming of being back at the beach!  Our family beach vacation this year was the best ever!

My mother-in-law bought a beach condo many years ago~but our family grew over the years from two daughters to two daughters with husbands and added two children each.  We totally outgrew the condo!  So a couple of years ago we rented a house about thirty miles down the beach and we all piled in.  It was so much fun we decided we would do it again.  FUN FUN.....

The little community of houses a short walk from the beach was charming~white picket fences, cobbled pavers on the street, and each house named to fit the owners.  It was lovely and quiet, hot and humid,  never-ending chatter and patter of small feet on the wood floors.  It is not an overstatement that I loved every minute of it.

Our oldest grandchild, Ansley, is six.  Being the oldest of the grandkids, she took charge of the soon to be four-year-olds, Millie and Addison.

They played from six a.m. till they hit the bed about nine every night.  Cousin love.  I hope they always have as much fun together as they do now.  It was almost sad.  Poppie and I didn't get to visit with them too much since they were playing on the screened in porch or upstairs doing their 'thang'.

Our newest grandchild, Paisley turned four months old while at the beach.  I spent a lot of time feeding her, rocking her, looking at her, and just being a nonnie.  She loves the beach.  She was content to nap most of the time listening to the beach noises and the sound of the waves.

My sister lives about fourty miles from where we stayed, and we had a fun visit from her and her hubby, daughter and all three of her grandkids.  Seven cousins on the beach was just too much happiness for anyone to have!  They played for several hours running back and forth from the beach to the umbrellas, digging holes, pouring in water, getting snacks, getting sprayed with sunscreen, and just enjoying each other.

 The adults just kept "camp" as we talked, visited, caught up on all the news.  A breeze was blowing off the water, so even high temps made the day one of the best.

Millie the Mermaid turned four at the beach, and celebrated with a too cute party!  It was all about ocean, beach and mermaids.

Robin,  of (http://www.robinsblessednest.com) is our resident photographer.  She is never far from her Canon, and most of these pictures are hers.  (Thanks, sweetie!)  Many of these are already on her blog.  But, I HAVE to borrow them.  I hold Paisley while she shoots.  So, at least I get to use the pics, right?

The last evening we were at the beach was family picture night.  She took at least a thousand, and I shot the ones of her family.  (Yes, I CAN do a little photography...)  I love the way they turned out.                      
                                                                My sweet family.

Thank you, Lord, for beach blessings, but mostly for family and those sweet times together.

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