He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Down for the count

   I must say that laying on the couch for four days has its downfall.  No T.V. worth watching.  Limited books in the house to read.......    I admit it.  I am bored.  So, I  resorted to working on the long overdue blog that I have just not had time to finish.  I published a blog (My Favorite Things) a little while ago. I had been working on it since we returned from out beach vacation.  More on that in another blog.

 Monday I had a senior moment. Well, not really a SENIOR moment, but a painful moment.  My back has been bothering me for about six weeks, but I tried very hard to ignore it.  NOT SMART.  I even broke down and bought myself a seven pound battery operated weed eater.  Oh me.  I am not used to weed eating-  so any swinging motion even with something light wasn't exactly a smart thing to do.  A forty-five minute session with it Monday did me in!

So, Mr. G. had to rescue me while I was helping cook for our Mission Team at our pastor's house.  I could hardly walk to the car, and getting IN the car was a nightmare.  Getting out was even worse.  Once I was on the couch, there was no moving.  I could not lift my trunk to move over, up or any other position.

I have developed claustrophobia in my middle years, so this was a BIG deal.  I had visions of never moving again.  I really didn't know exactly what was wrong, but by Wed. morning, I was moving a little bit, and able to get back in the car to the doc.  X-rays showed no disk problems, so my dear doctor is pretty sure it is a bad pulled muscle.  Steroid shot, steroids by mouth, muscle relaxers and a week on the couch is the prescriptions he gave me.  YEK.

I won't go into all the gory details that this has entailed, but it has not been pretty.  I had to have help doing EVERYTHING.  Poor Mr. G.  He's been a trouper.  I had a few meltdowns, where tears were mixed with uncontrolable laughter at the situation. Today I am so much better, but afraid to do anything other than walk to the kitchen, bathroom, etc.  I don't dare lean over and pick anything up!  So, I would show you the mess here, but I will just let you use your imagination and spare you of ugly clutter, unfolded laundry, and meds, tums, phones, remotes, magazine, etc. EVERYWHERE within my reach.......  I wouldn't want anyone to suffer one of those horror screaming moments ':O

So, all your prayers would be appreciated!  I AM much much better,  but I don't want to face the summer without finishing my projects, and I don't want to be in this shape again.  I think walking and swimming will have to be added to my schedule to strengthen my back and get my sorry body in shape.  Hopefully I can shed some of this unwanted weight........ Beach pictures of yourself sure do OPEN YOUR EYES, don't they?
I won't be sharing those with you either ':O

I can't for the life of me think of a picture to go with this blog???
SO, I'll just put this cute pic of the kids and grandkids and a great shot of them at the Destin Harbor last summer after the Pirate Cruise.  They had a blast!  Argggh......... matey!

Cousin love!
Arrrggh matey!

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  1. I am so sorry about your back! It's so frustrating when our body doesn't do what we want. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    You have a gorgeous family, what a blessing. Praying for healing for you. {I think I came here via Lauren} xo Lidy


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