He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Hero

Looking at my mostly tired and dried up flowers and plants reminds me of how hard I worked at getting them selected, bought, planted, feed, and watered.  

Planting day arrived.  Addison, my only grandson, was here to spend the day.  He was all for being outside helping play in the dirt and the water hose. 

    I was ready to plant all the flowers into my patio pots.  I had emptied the old dirt filling up the wheelbarrow over the top and then some.  (Sorry, Mr. G.)
    I scrubbed and scrubbed and bleached all of them and hosed them off.  Now for the FUN part of planting.
   Addison was playing pirate on the 'playground' as I was organizing all the stuff we needed.  He would be the dirt man, and I would be the flower girl.
   I noticed I had missed one lone pot sitting next to the garage, so I went to pick it up.
   Before I proceed, I must tell you I am deadly afraid of the 'S' things that slither on the ground.  Even the word slither give me the creeps.  I don't even like to type it.  I also detest the 'L' things, as they move very fast and seem to appear out of nowhere on their four tiny legs... UGH!
  When ever I am out in the yard, I pray that I will not see any of these previously mentioned creatures.  I do pray that they will never be in my yard.  I am not trying to be funny.  I know I am being silly, but the fear literally is life altering.
   Well, back to my story.  I picked up this small pot, only to have something small, slimy and slithery (uooooh...) slitter out of it.  Thank goodness I had gloves on  (don't go in the yard without them).
I screamed at the top of my lungs, threw the pot down and ran toward my hero, ADDISON.
He just happened to have a big stick.  If he is in the yard, he has a stick (you know, a boy thing).
Addison comes running toward me shouting, "Nonnie, what's wrong?".  Not a fear in his small, but brave frame.
   "I saw something over there." I say nearly in tears.
   "Where, Nonnie?  I'll GET it for you!",  and off he goes hitting the ground in the direction I pointed.

  MY HERO.  He was so sweet and tender and did not laugh at me, like others in my family.  He rose to the occasion and hit the ground until nothing within twenty feet would dare raise its ugly head.
   We had the most wonderful day.  He dumped the dirt in the pots and I fixed the flowers.  He didn't mind a bit that it was flowers we were working with.  He had a shovel in one hand and a stick in the other!  That sweet little three year old knew he was taking care of his Nonnie.
   Addison, you are my HERO.  I love you to pieces!

   It was very fitting that he had a Superman birthday in June.  He turned four and a party it was.

  Here's a few pictures of My HERO at his party.
  Addison drew and colored this picture of Superman!  He's very serious about his coloring.  It is a passion with him.

Here's to my biggest little HERO, Addison!